How To Have More Energy And Motivation?

How To Have More Energy And Motivation?

When you are looking for answers on how to have more energy and motivation, you need to first start with the right motivation. Motivation is basically what drives you to achieve your goals. Without motivation, the results would also be very poor. In order to find answers on how to have more energy and motivation, … Read more

How Does Constructivism Relate To Motivation?

How Does Constructivism Relate To Motivation

Before going to the topic of how does constructivism relate to motivation, I want to share something. Recently I have read two books, one by William Clausewitz and the other by Oliver Wendell Holmes, that touch on this very issue. In both books, the authors argue that motivation is largely a social construction process, arising … Read more

Why Is Self Motivation Important? The Best Ways To Stay Motivated

Why is Self Motivation Important?

Self-motivation is the power that drives you and your goals to success. It’s the fuel that propels you forward in a challenging situation so that you can achieve what you want to do. Often, self-motivation is gained through personal experience.  In other cases, it can be achieved by understanding how to manage your time effectively … Read more

Why Does Character Motivation Matter?

Why Does Character Motivation Matter

Character motivation is everything about how a character behaves in a specific situation or through a story. So why does character motivation matter? This is the way of how the person behaves and responds to concerns and different personalities. This definition includes inspirations, purpose, power, and achievement, three essential but often entirely separate components. The … Read more