Top 5 Best Reasons Why Motivation Doesn’t Last & Its Solution

Why motivation doesn’t last is a common question nowadays. Getting motivation sometimes is not always as simple as the motivational speech speakers state. Besides, it might not be as hard as we make it. People tell you that you should do this way, give some suggestions, tools, or tricks to motivate you. Instead of listening to them, we can focus on why which certainly does not get our job done. It could make some radical self development improvements in identifying and solving our significant problems.

I am not exactly sure why or if it occurred, but lately, I’ve become enamored with the idea of why motivation doesn’t last. As I’m trying to boost leadership, I always seeking understanding in this subject area. I always look to my successes and, much more suitably, my failures for strategies to obtain insight on the subject. So let’s learn why motivation doesn’t work for you and solve it.

Why Motivation Doesn’t Last

If you are a reader, you’ll discover endless books, blogs, white papers, and publications combined with the hierarchical concept of motivation & why motivation doesn’t last. The specialists will argue whether it’s emotional, physiological, inherent, psychological, behavioral, or any flavor of each of those above.

5 Reasons Why Motivation Doesn’t Last

In the long run, it’s a mixture of each of those mentions below. While the”catch-all” answer will offer us comfort, it’s also what makes it tricky for anybody to motivate a different human being. It ends up that the attempt to encourage is a blend of factors with each and each subject. These individuals where we participate, it’s the very uniqueness that all of us try, which makes it harder to motivate properly. Here are the best 5 reasons why motivation doesn’t last:

1. Irrational or Self-Absorbed Motivation:

Irrationality can be a good reason why motivation doesn’t last. This kind of motivation is the most common seen by leaders who believe their people are prompted by them to achieve something. While the”What is in it for me” doctrine still lives powerful, it is not inspirational to many.

Irrational or Self-Absorbed Motivation - why motivation doesn't last

Powerful motivators know this simple yet challenging to exemplify behavior. They are conscious that it’s very important to prepare the greatest out of their people. People only need to feel part of everything they’re doing.

2. Usage of Stress or Pressure:

Having so much stress can hamper your motivation and it could be another problem of why motivation doesn’t last. Can you believe as you are the boss that individuals should only be firing up to do anything you say?

Usage of Stress or Pressure - why motivation doesn't last

Maybe a bit tough love or an occasional occupation safety hazard is the way you keep people motivated? Think again! While this certainly is not universally true, folks will take their fear and coercion in the educated society we reside in today and use it to motivate a change. You can not like finding a new job (on your dime while you’re busy thinking you’re penalizing them).

3. Inconsistent Condition of Motivation:

If you call someone inconsistent, you are probing them for not behaving, in the very process, each moment a related condition happens. Something or Someone inconsistent does not linger the alike, denoting sometimes great and sometimes critical. Inconsistency could be another reason why motivation doesn’t work.

Inconsistent Condition of Motivation - why motivation doesn't last

A real-life example of an inconsistency is while a couple of the corresponding milkshake feels much diverse from each other.
Who are you? What type of person are you? Do you feel and taste your every day? If you regard this to be authentic, why on earth would this day’s motivation for your staff?

Motivations to Overcome Inconsistency:

  1. Set your superiorities on a stand.
  2. See-Say Imagine
  3. Keep Track of your swings of mood & impulses.
  4. Remember, different treatment doesn’t work in the same situation.
  5. Establish continuously worked methods In the home.

4. Being Unrealistic or Getting Unrealistic Motivation:

I believe one of those mistakes we all make as humans is how we tend to dismiss others’ intellect. Being unrealistic could be a reason why motivation doesn’t last. It can occasionally be subtle or perhaps unconscious and sometimes offensive and overburdened. Yet, people inherently often observe every time a goal is attainable.

Being Unrealistic or Getting Unrealistic Motivation - why motivation doesn't last

You may offer incredibly rewarding incentives for somebody to reach a target. Finally, if they do not recognize it as possible, your offer isn’t just demotivating, but maybe meaningless. People today seek realistic objectives, using their leader’s dedicated support to attaining them. If they wanted to perform some low likelihood sweepstakes, they would purchase a lottery ticket.

5. Having Irrelevant Motivation:

We can consider the most important outcome which our uniqueness has on motivation. Irrelevant motivation could be another distraction of why motivation doesn’t last.

Having Irrelevant Motivation - why motivation doesn't last

With every one people being different, we’re motivated in the least by marginally other things. Here’s the perfect situation where not knowing your people will direct you down a path to nowhere. You can’t motivate people without understanding what things to them.

Techniques to get rid of the motivation problem:
  1. Break tasks into manageable pieces. 
  2. Write down each positive thing you experience throughout the day. …
  3. Give yourself credit for the small things you do. …
  4. Have some ‘Self Time’
  5. Be gentle with yourself.
  6. Try to be present. …
  7. Attend helpful events.
  8. Ask for help.
Last Few Words:

Have a moment, and consider how you motivate. Can you bring out the very best in people, or do you occasionally use tactics that are not inspiring in any way? Once you find the reason why motivation doesn’t last for you, you can find your way out of it. Having the ability to motivate and inspire is essential to attaining virtually anything in almost any life aspect.

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