Why Motivation is Important and How to Motivate Students?

The question of why motivation is important is frequently asked & answered by psychological experts for explaining the massive impact of motivation in every aspect of life. Motivation is the engine that drives our world. We often talk about how the students are not motivated in class. It is quite painful for them to study. In our life, we are gathered by students in our family, friends, and well-wishers.

We often give the students motivational speech to keep them on track but sometimes we failed to give them the real motivational speech that can open their eyes practically. So that they can realize why motivation is important in their life. This “why motivation is important” article that is written in the position of a well-wisher. So we are going to know that as a well-wisher how can you help a student and yourself by knowing the facts below:

I hope you study the above points to understand what motivation is, why motivation is important, and the basic concept of motivation. Now we are going to discuss why motivation is important in the study and how motivation affects learning. So let’s know about the covered topics that will be discussed in this article:

Motivation to Study | Why Motivation is Important?

Do you know why motivation is important? Because motivation is a drive and study is its virtue so we’re gonna get here the motivation to study. The learner has to be on the head of them to do their homework. We daily fight so that they learn the lesson. However, they learn the names of 300 different Pokémon wonderfully. In this article, we explain what motivation is, its importance in learning and education, and the top 10 tips that allow any person to increase and promote motivation in the classroom or anywhere to study.

What Motivation is?

Before know about why motivation is important we need to know about what motivation is. Motivation is an internal drive that directs action toward an end. It underlies the work and trips and guides this action. Except for motivation, there is no effort.

How to increase motivation to study is knowing why motivation is important is essential because it leads us to seek the resources to guarantee our subsistence actively. We are motivated by foraging and eating and finding a life partner. These would be the primary motives, which are innate and manifest independently of the culture.

However, we can also be motivated to do our hobbies, favorite activities, and learning. These are the secondary motives, which depend on the culture.

We are not motivated to learn everything. We may not be motivated by the school/institute/university syllabus, but of course, some things motivate our learning, be it the dolphin way of life, a new cooking recipe, or changing a car wheel.

Motivation may come from our interest in the subject or because we need that knowledge for something (for our work or our survival, like changing a car wheel).

In this aspect, we can differentiate two types of motivation: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. We can consider that there are more than two different types of motivation. They are two opposites within a continuum, and that they rarely occur in a “purely intrinsic” or “purely extrinsic” way.

2 Types of Motivation

  • Intrinsic motivation: Intrinsic happens when people are mentally motivated to create something because we believe it is necessary or because we find it pleasant. Students with such type of motivation will be excited about completing their assignments. That is because of the challenge of achieving them, rather than because of any incentives or rewards. Intrinsic motivation decreases as students climb courses. To increase this type of motivation, the person can make the abstract material more concrete and put it in a context.
Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation-Why motivation is important
  • Extrinsic motivation:  It appears when a student wants to perform a task due to external factors, such as rewards or punishments. However, disciplines show that to do more harm than good, and awards have the power to create dependency. Therefore, it is best to gradually reduce the rewards, orienting them towards more intrinsic motivation.

How do we know that the Students are Motivated?

According to Rodríguez Moneo, people’s behavior can serve as an indicator to measure motivation. Why motivation is important is a reasonably reliable indicator that teachers can use to estimate student motivation and act on it.

  • The choice or preference of one movement over another. If a person chooses to watch TV instead of doing homework, then the selection reflects the person’s motivation.
  • The latency, i.e. the time it took to produce a response from that presented stimulation. The longer it takes us to start doing the work we have been told to do, the less motivation we will have for the task.
  • The effort, the higher the physical and cognitive resources invested in the development of a task, the greater motivation there will be.
  • The task persistence. There will be more motivation, the longer the time between the start of a task and its completion. The sooner we give up on the job, the less motivated we will be.
  • The reliable indicators of emotions. The actions we take are usually accompanied by emotional expressions that indicate the pleasure or displeasure that the activity causes us. Paying attention to the feelings of our students gives us a lot of information about motivation.

The Importance of Motivation in Education

Motivation is the expectation that drives us to perform and achieve what we established out to do. Motivation takes part in a significant position in our training. According to one study, motivation influences our performance in math more than our IQ.

Specifically, the researchers found that intelligence was strongly related to student achievement in mathematics, but at most in the original improvement of proficiency in the subject. The importance of motivation and study skills were more significant factors in the event of later mathematical skills.

Students who felt competent were intrinsically motivated, used skills such as explaining, synthesizing, making connections with other materials, avoiding learning by rote, and showing more significant development in mathematics than those who did not feel motivated. In contrast, student intelligence is not similar to progress in mathematics.

Why should we keep the Students Motivated to Learn?

  • Motivation improves the workforce and stamina in the task.
  • Motivation increases initiative.
  • Motivation improves cognitive processing skills.
  • Motivation improves overall performance.

Why Motivation is Important | Top 10 Tips How to Increase Motivation to Study

How to Motivate Students and Why Motivation is Important

⤃ Attitude Influences Motivation:

We can understand why motivation is important by observing the research that has shown that teacher-student interaction is more important to the learning process than structural factors such as instructional materials and class size. This relationship between student and teacher is essential not only in the early school years but also later when the challenges become more significant.

According to a study by the University of Eastern Finland,  a positive and warm atmosphere in the classroom, created by the teacher, increases the child’s motivation to learn.

The empathetic perspective at the role of the teacher not only defends the vision that students have of themselves as students but also against social exclusion by their peers. The teacher needs to capturer the student’s movement to realize why motivation is important for them.

We need to show a positive attitude and mood. Create bonds of affection with students. Show that you care about them and their learning process. Never ridicule them if they do not know or understand something. Be empathetic and following for them. Use humor and relaxed activities.

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⤃ Value the Effort:

It is much more important to value the effort than the final product. Suppose the result is evaluated much more to themself. Then the person will focus on that, forgetting that for an excellent product, they will need to make an effort. Besides, many times, the result also depends on other factors, such as luck.

Focus on the student’s learning process, why motivation is important for them, encouraging them to make an effort and rewarding those who work hard: “You are very straight, you can say that you are experiencing it”, either “You are trying your best, you are going to acquire a lot”.

⤃ Keep the Students Involved:

If students feel they are useful and have responsibilities, they will be much more motivated. That’s why we need to find their motive and understand why motivation is important to them.

Give students responsibilities, make class participation fun. Assign each one task, such as keeping the classroom tidy, cleaning the blackboard, distributing the material. When they work in a group, have each one take charge of one thing.

⤃ Use Incentives:

Although it is more important to know why motivation is important and reinforce and reward effort, students need certain tangible rewards for a good result. Students are not able to see the long-term benefits of getting good grades and learning; they need immediate rewards. Incentives motivate them to work and strive, keeping a goal in mind.

Establish small rewards, depending on the student’s achievements, and they can be special privileges or little things that student love (such as stickers). However, it is not necessary to saturate them with rewards because if not, they would lose their value. The ideal is to space the time between one prize and another. The older the student, the more capable they are of visualizing a longer-term goal. If they are students in the first cycle of primary school, one reward per class per day is appropriate. For older students, once a week is fine.

The best thing would be to gradually reduce this type of reward and replace them with social reinforcements, such as compliments, smiles, words of encouragement, since, as we have said, students end up depending on them.

⤃ In Variety is a Taste:

Students get bored quickly if there is not adequate stimulation in the classroom. Furthermore, even more in this technological world in which they are used to the massive stimulus by tablets and mobiles. Many parents also use unusual technology to calm their children. Instead, they can use positive technology like informative best free audiobooks. Therefore, in the classroom, the students have to avoid falling into routines. We need to represent to them that why motivation is important.

Be creative. Use different structures in class. Teach through games and discussions so that the class is dynamic and the students are involved. Passive learning, in which students only receive information and do not elaborate it, in addition to being more ineffective, destroys motivation. You can also use different media, such as murals, photographs, videos, or films.

Explain “What is this for me”?

Many times we lose motivation if we do not know the usefulness in the “real” world of what we are learning and why motivation is important. That’s why it is essential to sustain it.

A person can create a section at the beginning of each topic. Its discussed in which the benefits of learning it and that is as practical as possible. If you are teaching algebra, spend some time researching what that knowledge is being used for, for example in engineering. Knowing that this knowledge is being used by real people right now, in their jobs, increases the perceived importance of this subject, motivating them to learn.

Do not Look Down on the Students:

You got to understand the motive of why motivation is important. Putting kids down and labeling them “slow,” “lazy,” “silly,” only destroys their motivation. It makes them feel that they are unable to do anything and that they are hopeless.

Avoid disqualifying and harmful labels. Instead, it enhances your strengths and abilities and qualities. Boost their growth mentality, make them understand that even if something does not work very well, with practice, everything works out—boost self-confidence. Learn here how to praise students for increasing their self-esteem.

Use CogniFit, the leading neuroeducation program:

The neuroeducación is on a new vision of teaching that utilizes knowledge about the brain, analyze, and improve learning processes in students. CogniFit is the leading neuroeducation platform. This program is a professional instrument designed by specialists in child neuropsychology. 

CogniFit technology establishes on neuroplasticity. This program is straightforward to use. This program shows why motivation is important in everyone’s life. It consists of different clinical games that can be played through the computer, and allows teachers not specialized in psychopedagogy, analyze the learning processes, and develop the potential of each student.

CogniFit identifies with scientific objectivity the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of students, and obtains a relationship of the results with their school performance, behavior, and motivation, allowing them to undertake personalized teaching strategies.

Help them Manage their Anxiety:

Many students find it challenging to stay motivated because they have high anxiety, fear failure, and not achieving desired results. They don’t know why motivation is important in their life.

First, we need to give them harmony of spirit and let them know that failure is not a negative thing. Making mistakes helps us to learn more and better, and to know what not to do. If anxiety is very high, relaxation exercises can be not working in class.

Teach them to be Self-Motivated:

It is very good to motivate students because they need to understand why motivation is important but they also have to learn to find their motivation and that they regulate it themselves.

Help them to think of reasons why what they are learning can be useful for them. Will it help you better understand the environment? Is it right for you when you go to college? Does it encourage you on a day-to-day basis? Then I hope you are in the right way.

Last Words about why Motivation is Important:

Consider all that you have to do to check and mark each item. At that point, depart it toward slight parts you can examine each in turn. Seek not to focus on studying everything at present, just admit what you can do at this time. As you complete specific undertaking that you’ve departed, verify it, or pass it out.

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