Write For Us – Motivational Speech

Motivational Speech Website wants you to write for us contributing to this self-development platform. It is a great opportunity to share your talents to help people mostly mentally and psychologically.

As a guest contributor, you are not getting any compensation for now but you’ll get yourself a great online appearance and showcase your works. You can write as many as you want as long as it maintains our rules, regulations, and guidelines.

What Should You Write About?

Your content must be directly followed to any of the below topics:

  • Motivation: Anything that can motivate or inspire people from negativity.
  • Self-Development: Anything related to the personal-development of body, health, mental or psychological.
  • Career & Lifestyle: Anything related to building a good career or a successful person’s lifestyle.
  • How to: Any how-to guideline to make living better.


  1. If you are new to our website then you should subscribe to our blog’s email service so that you can monitor what is publishing regularly. If you subscribe to our newsletter then you know what articles are being published and maybe your article’s too. It helps to understand any overlapping topic.
  2. Contact us through contact@motivationalspeech.xyz stating that you are interested to contribute to our site.
  3. In the same email let us know some of your selected topics you want to write about. We’ll respond to you as soon as we can.
  4. After topic approval from us, you’ll be asked to give your bio, photo or links, etc. what you want to promote.
  5. That’s it. After reviewing your article, you’ll be informed that is your article gonna publish or not.

Topic Research:

Please see our existing contents by the category:

Article Guidelines:

  • The article should be unique & well-written by humans.
  • The content should be a minimum of 1000 words long.
  • Your content should have a focus keyword.
  • Add featured and relevant images in email attachments.
  • Add a relevant internal link from our site.
  • We allow only 1 do-follow link.


  • Content will be published upon manual verification so it is not guaranteed that your article surely going to be published. So please follow the guidelines carefully.
  • If you provide plagiarized content then it won’t be published and your authorship might be declined.