Motivation vs Inspiration: What’s The Difference?

Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation vs Inspiration: Motivation and inspiration are two important factors that contribute to success. While they may seem similar, they are actually quite different. Motivation is what gets you started, while inspiration keeps you going. Motivation is external, while inspiration is internal. Motivation is based on logic, while inspiration is based on emotion. And finally, … Read more

Is There A Relationship Between Motivation And Emotion?

Relationship Between Motivation And Emotion

What is the relationship between motivation and emotion? Can one exist without the other? Is there a way to exist without emotion at all? Can one exist without any emotion at all? The response to all certain questions may shock you. Among motivation and emotion don’t have any relationship. Motivation & emotion do not go … Read more

What Does Research On Motivation and Emotion Focused On?

What Does Research On Motivation and Emotion Focused On?

Motivation and emotion are two of the most researched topics in psychology. Theories of inspiration help us understand why we behave the way we do and what drives us to achieve our goals. Emotions, on the other hand, help us navigate through life’s challenges by guiding our thoughts and actions. Today, we will delve into … Read more

Why Is Self Motivation Important? The Best Ways To Stay Motivated

Why is Self Motivation Important?

Self-motivation is the power that drives you and your goals to success. It’s the fuel that propels you forward in a challenging situation so that you can achieve what you want to do. Often, self-motivation is gained through personal experience.  In other cases, it can be achieved by understanding how to manage your time effectively … Read more

Why Does Character Motivation Matter?

Why Does Character Motivation Matter

Character motivation is everything about how a character behaves in a specific situation or through a story. So why does character motivation matter? This is the way of how the person behaves and responds to concerns and different personalities. This definition includes inspirations, purpose, power, and achievement, three essential but often entirely separate components. The … Read more

Why Motivation Doesn’t Work And What You Should Do About It

Why Motivation Doesn’t Work And What You Should Do About It

Why motivation doesn’t work for you? Are you obsessed with that thinking? If yes then let’s learn about Why Motivation Doesn’t Work And What You Should Do About It. Almost nothing is permanent in the realm, possibly not motivation. Owing to most men and women think it is hard to adhere to some goal or … Read more

Where Motivation Comes From? Source of Motivation

Where Motivation Comes From - Source of Motivation

Most people ask this question, Where Motivation comes from? What’s the source of motivation? Well, the answer to this question can be very interesting. For the purpose of our article, we will first look into the definition of Motivation. According to the dictionary, the word Motivation is used for motivation, to move or urge something. … Read more

Top 5 Best Reasons Why Motivation Doesn’t Last & Its Solution

Top 5 Best Reasons Why Motivation Doesn't Last & Its Solution

Why motivation doesn’t last is a common question nowadays. Getting motivation sometimes is not always as simple as the motivational speech speakers state. Besides, it might not be as hard as we make it. People tell you that you should do this way, give some suggestions, tools, or tricks to motivate you. Instead of listening … Read more

Why Motivation is Important and How to Motivate Students?

Why Motivation is Important?

The question of why motivation is important is frequently asked & answered by psychological experts for explaining the massive impact of motivation in every aspect of life. Motivation is the engine that drives our world. We often talk about how the students are not motivated in class. It is quite painful for them to study. … Read more