The 10 Most Important Things To Do When Dealing With Mentally Unstable Employees

The employees are a fundamental part of the company as they work day and night to make it profitable. They provide a platform for your organization to work and generate profits. But sometimes due to specific reasons they are mentally unstable and cause problems to your company.

If you are the one who has to dealing with mentally unstable employees, then you should immediately start dealing with them because it is not easy to handle their behaviors, and they might harm you in any way.

10 Ways For Dealing With Mentally Unstable Employees

Dealing With Mentally Unstable Employees

When an employee begins to exhibit signs of mental instability, it can be challenging to know how to handle the situation. It is significant to remember that you should not ignore the problem, as this could lead to further issues. 

You should try to talk to the employee and see if they are willing to seek help. If they are not generous enough to pursue support, you may need to take more drastic measures. So, here are some actions that will support you to deal with mentally unstable employees:

1.How Can We Deal With Such Types Of People?

I am not saying we should treat them like children; we need to understand that they need help and support to be helped as soon as possible. So, here I will tell you some simple but effective methods for dealing with them.

2.Identify Them Before Dealing With Them

Knowing about their condition will make it easy to understand what they are suffering from. And if you find them mentally unstable, you will need to get them some help.

3.Don’t Put A Blind Eye On Them

As soon as you know about their condition, you have to understand that they may start doing certain things, leading to further damage in their lives. Don’t take their actions lightly and try to understand them; don’t force them or make them do what they don’t want.

4.Communicate With Them

Communication is the most meaningful thing when dealing with mentally unstable person. It is the best method that will help you to understand them. Ask them questions and talk with them, but don’t force them to open up.

5.Support Them

Sometimes they may become insane for specific reasons, but we can never deny their needs. So, help them and support them as much as you can. You can either tell them that you care for them or buy something.

6.Determine The Cause

I am sure that they suffer from mental issues leading to their condition. So, you need to find out the reason behind this situation. Don’t make them crazy by telling them, “why are you doing this?” Rather, try to discover why they are becoming insane and help them by taking them to a psychiatrist.

7.Start With Talking To Them.

The preferable item you should do is talk to them and tell them about your concerns. You need to explain to them how much harm they are doing to your company. 

They need to know that you are aware of their mental issues and they have started misbehaving. If you can’t resolve the problem, you have to report to the Human Resources team.

8.Get A Second Opinion.

If you don’t get any solution, it is better to get a second opinion from a professional. You should consult with an expert to understand how to deal with mentally unstable employees. They will help you understand their issues and teach you the methods to manage the behavior of such employees.

9.Get Their Background

If the employee has gone crazy after taking a specific reason, you need to know its cause. Find out what the reason that made them crazy was? This will help you to understand why they are behaving in this way.

 Get their background and ensure they are not under stress or any other mental disorder. You need to get them help because it is significant for their health and your company.

10.Talk To Their Supervisor.

Talking with their supervisor can be the best step to deal with mentally unstable employees. When you speak with them about their problems, you can explain how much it harms their performance.

 Try to convince them how they are breaking the company and how much they must do. Once they listen to your words, they will stop behaving in such a way and start performing better.

Terminating An Employee With Mental Health Issues

Terminating An Employee With Mental Health Issues

It is an essential task if you want to work for a company and have all the qualities needed to be a successful employee. But when it comes to mental health issues, it can be a significant problem for both employers and employees.

5 Ways For Terminating An Employee With Mental Health Issues

Certain conditions are defined as mental health issues, including depression, stress, anxiety, etc. No one can tell how it will affect your life, but it will become complicated to control once it becomes a problem. 

And this is what we all want to avoid. There can be a considerable loss if the person suffering from such a condition takes leave or goes on vacation.

If you don’t provide proper security to the person, then there is always a chance that he will take something with him. Or, if you take action against him, it can be very harmful to you.

 That is why I would like to mention some practical ways to handle such a situation if an employee has mental health issues.

  • If the employee has been a good employee, Before terminating them, you should first know how they have performed in your company and why they were absent frequently. If they have been a good employee, there is no need to terminate them immediately. 

You have to try and give them a month to get the problem resolved. Still, you do not compromise the safety and security of the company.

  • Find out about their medical conditions. You must ask them whether they are suffering from any medical conditions. If they have any mental illness, you must understand it and take appropriate actions. 

Don’t decide without knowing about their situation because you may cause more damage to your business if you do.

  • Speak with the doctor Before making any decision, you must consult with the doctor and find out the reason for their absence regularly. 

They will let you know what exactly is wrong with them, which treatment is needed, and if you can keep them in your office for a couple of months or a year. But don’t force them to do anything impossible for them.

  • Provide security You must also provide them with proper protection. Make sure that there are no knives or weapons present in the workplace. If you can do this, it will give them some peace of mind, which will also help you maintain an excellent employee.

 If you see a person carrying knives and you think they will use them, inform the police and let them take necessary action.

  • Take a time out. If you still don’t trust them, you can take a time out for a couple of weeks until you get some confirmation about them. You have to be very careful while terminating an employee with mental health issues because it will also affect your reputation.

What To Say To Someone With Mental Illness

What To Say To Someone With Mental Illness
Group Activities For Mental Health

When someone you know and care about is dealing with a mental illness, it can be challenging to know what to say. You may feel like you want to do something to help, but you aren’t sure. The most important thing you can do is offer your support.

What To Say When Someone Is Going Through A Mental Illness?

Every person is different. Everyone has their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and beliefs. But we all share a few things in common like we are here for a purpose. We all want happiness and fulfillment in life. Above all, we have an inner self who is more important than anything else in our lives.

But what happens if the inner self gets affected by a mental illness? How to react? Most of the time, it depends on the type of mental illness. If we are talking about schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety, then it all depends on the person’s age, their level of education and whether they are married or single, etc.

We need to understand that people with mental illness are the ones who don’t think that they need to get better, even if they have to take medication to overcome their symptoms.

But that doesn’t mean that they are selfish and want to ruin their life, but we must try to understand that everyone has a reason for being the way they are and we can’t judge them, only give them the space they need.

 People’s biggest misconception about people who have a mental illness is that they are evil or crazy, but that isn’t true; they are just like you and me. Like us in everything, including our thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, and emotions.

So here are some essential things about what to say to someone with mental illness:

Support Them

The preferable item that needs to be done when someone is going through mental illness is to support them. We need to understand that they have been through many things in their life, and now we are all there for them.

 It is deplorable to see someone with mental illness alone, with their family, or without any support system, so we need to support them as much as possible until they recover from the condition. 

There are many services provided by the government, the best thing you can do is match out which one is the suitable for them.

Offer Your Help

You might be thinking that they don’t need help, but what they don’t realize is that they need our help just as much as anyone else does.

 If you are worried about their health, you need to understand that their symptoms may worsen if they try to handle everything by themselves, which could put their lives in danger.

 So you need to offer your help and take them to a doctor if they ask you to. Also, if they are having suicidal thoughts, then you need to call a doctor or the suicide hotline immediately.

Keep An Eye On Them

Periodically people with mental illness require to stay home for some time and rest. You might feel sad for not seeing them, but that is only for a while, and you require to hold an eye on them.

If they stay alone at home, you need to be extra careful with what they can do with the knives or any other sharp objects. If they want to leave the house, then it is better if you talk to their family members about their plan to go home.

 They may tell you that there are some things they need to do for themselves, so you need to talk to them and make sure that they are safe before they leave the house.

If you see them getting angry with the person in their life, learn what to say to someone with mental illness first then it would be better if you talk to them about their manners and try to understand what is causing them to get mad with that particular person. Don’t judge them, and don’t try to interfere.

Online Companies With Mental Health Programs

Mental Health is an essential thing for all people. It is not about any particular person; everyone needs a balance in their life. There are so many mental health programs in various fields such as psychology, psychiatry, counseling, psychotherapy, etc.

Today, so many online companies offer these services; some even provide them free of cost. You need to register yourself with them and access the content you want to watch. Some don’t even require your personal information; they ask a few questions and give you the content.

If you are interested in online companies with mental health programs, then here are 5 of them:

Briarwood Counseling

This is the best online counseling site where you can get in-depth therapy and counseling for your emotional problems. They also provide counseling sessions with licensed counselors for various issues. You have to fill out a form, and then a counselor will get in touch with you to discuss your case.

Aurora Counseling

With Aurora, you get all your counseling needs fulfilled in one place. Several counselors, psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists are available 24/7 to help you.

Thinking Of Health

This is one of the finest online companies for mental health programs; they have a wide range of mental health content for you to watch. If you are thinking about the stress affecting your life, this is the right site. All their content will make you feel and change your perspective on life.

Dr. Robert Shapiro’s Mind Power

This is the best website for Dr. Robert Shapiro, where you can find his lectures and videos where he shares his experience with people who come to him. You can read about his background and how he overcame all the odds in life to be the person he is now.

Depression And Anxiety Solutions

This website has one of the best websites for anxiety disorders and depression. If you are going through a tough time and cannot get a hold of your life, you need to visit this site and listen to the lectures of the counselors. 

They have experienced counselors for different problems and issues, and you will find the right counselor for you.

Final Thought

In conclusion, it is essential to remember that staying calm and supportive when dealing with mentally unstable employees is necessary. While it may be difficult, it is vital to remember that the employee’s behavior is not personal and that they need our help. 

We can help ensure that the employee gets the support they need and maintain a healthy workplace by following these tips.

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