Top 6 Best Self Transformation Books For You

I’ve recently had the great pleasure of reading some of my best self transformation books recommendations, and one of them got me thinking, is there a best self-transformation book?

The best self transformation books enrich personality and shape the whole person and give you the tools to transform any part of yourself and, therefore, your life. Many people get stuck in the ‘what needs to be done’ stage of self-transformation because they take it too far and are too busy trying to ‘be better.

It is a short series of books that will boost your self-transformation because these books teach you how to make a positive change in yourself before you take on any large changes in your life.

Let’s jump on the books that uniquely enrich personality:

Top 3 Best Self Transformation Books That Changes My Life

I’ll be honest. It took me a few reads to get into the right mindset to actually give something a go and go ahead and buy a book recommended by someone, but I did.

1. The Power of Full Engagement:

How It Changes Everything and Why it Works by Mark Wilson. If you’re struggling to change your life or have made some incredible leaps in your life only to see them unravel, and you then start falling into depression, all I’m saying so far is, have some more reading to do. And then come back and read my best self transformation books recommendations. Self help is an important thing. Without self help a person can’t reach his destiny. For self help we should do continuous self improvement.

2. The New Deal of Success by Mark Whitmore

One of the key things that I’ve always been reminded of the difference between the top ten best self-transformation books is the quality of the content of each. So how good is this one?

When you read Mark Whitmore’s book, you have to give yourself credit because he truly believes that people are looking for a new deal on self-success, and that’s where his book comes in.

It’s full of great success stories of people who took risks, ignored people who wanted them to do things a certain way, leaped faith. They’re just now starting to show the true self-success that they always were meant to be. This is one of the best self transformation books.

3. The New Rules of Work by Tom Peters

I know! I know. There are lots to choose from here, but I needed someone who has been there for me personally.

I’m not talking about those books with a lot of theories. I mean the ones with little self-transformation ideas packed in like that. When I was little, my mother would always give me some books to read with her for free.

If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way.

Jen Sincero (American writer, speaker and success & self help coach)

All of them were good and had some very good concepts for self-transformation. For example, the book, The Little Book of Magical Thinking, was filled with simple and clear ideas. I really loved this book, even today.

4. The Rest of Us by Robert Brault

Well, there is a book called Self Development for the Rest of Us by Robert Brault. This book is very famous (in my opinion, it’s almost too famous), and it’s full of self-transformation ideas. Actually, the author does not give any names or labels to speak throughout his book.

The book Rest of Us has this title because Brault wants to write a self-development book with the idea of “for the rest of you” he wanted to have books like that. It was a very good idea. This self help book will assist you to your dream. It’ll not teach you how to make money but it’ll teach you self love. So this book is a must read.

The book Self Development for the Rest of Us is full of good self-expansion, best self transformation books, and self-development ideas, but it just lacks self-confidence and self-assurance. These best self transformation books are very effective.

One of the main things that keep me going until now is that I was given this book so many years ago. When Brault saw that I was still reading it to this day, he decided to give me a great surprise which made me completely mad. He said, “I wonder what you are going to write about.”

He gave me some idea, and I wrote the following story:

I wrote this story so long ago. The point is that I am now writing this story in a book entitled Self Development for the Rest.

Best self transformation books

5. Transforming Others with Love: The Secret of a Successful Life by Elton Truex

When is self-transformation a waste of time? When the things you wish you could have become different actually occur, and you feel better than you have ever been before for the first time in your life. And Elton Truex is the man to teach you how. Truex is the author of more than 40 books. He has worked with the Dalai Lama and is a successful speaker and author on many subjects.

This book is the latest from a series of self-transformation books that take you on a journey that starts in your mind, all the way to your heart and your soul – but does not end there. The book is an excellent way for anyone to look at their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to determine how to help and support people around them.

6. I Am Your Star by Nancy Goshorn

In her new book, I Am Your Star; Nancy Goshorn is very blunt: her goal is to help people stop comparing themselves with others, stop complaining, and find out where there is room for improvement. She is one of the most published authors writing on many different subjects on many different websites.

Last Words

I hope this fulfilled my best self transformation books recommendations.

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