Top 33 Best Stephen King Audiobooks For Free (Updated For 2022)

There are lots of best Stephen King audiobooks versions are available online. His secret obsession for writing made him the best selling author. He is well-known for his special talents in writings.

He did a great job writing a short story, crime novel, supernatural elements, supernatural thriller, dark fantasy, fictional vicious murder story, and science fiction.

Stephen’s reputation as a supreme suspense book author has reached over 50 books and audiobooks. The King’s craft continues to sweeten with older years as he still churns out the confidence of his best work in recent years.

We’ve selected 34 of the most amazing and best Stephen King audiobooks of the century. These free Stephen king audiobooks are well narrated and amazing to listen.

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Facts About Stephen King

Stephen King is a bestseller known for his spooky supernatural writings. His work explains the reason he favors audiobooks so much. Picking his vast collection of classics of interest is not a simple choice.

This site is for Steve Stephen King fans curious if they can revisit his old favorites from Maine. Specifically curated Stephen King audiobook directory is a collection of gripping good quality book reviews by note authors for your long drives. 

Stephen King’s Earlier Life

Stephen Edwin King was born in 1947 in a small town Maine, Portland. He was considered gifted children in his family among seven children. Lisbon Falls High School is the school from where Stephen King got his graduation in 1966. He also attended Durham Elementary School. He feels very attracted to horror books as an early interest.

Stephen begins his writing in his school life. He started writing articles for a newspaper named Daev’s Rag. He began selling stories to his friends in his school life based on his recent movies, but it stopped when the school teachers discovered it.

His “I Was a Teenage Grave Robber” was the first story printed in 1965. For his outstanding writings and contribution, King got Scholastic Art and Writing Award in his teenage. He graduated from his nearest local institute, the University of Maine, in 1970.

Stephen got his first sale by his short story to Stephen Edwin King in 1967. Later in 1971, he started English teaching at Hampden Academy High School. King continued his writing passion after teaching time like evening and holidays. He was enthusiastic about writing short stories and novels.

After two years, his novel was approved for publishing by the Doubleday & Co. publishing company. They also support him in writing full-time. Then he leaves the teaching profession and starts writing on a full-time basis. Later on, when he reached his 50 published books, he became one of the world’s most successful writers. 

Stephen King Novel & Story Writing Career

Stephen Edwin King is an author of various short stories & categorical novels. He is famous for his extraordinary writing about supernatural, crime, horror, fantasy, suspense, and science fiction novels. In a calculation, Stephen King’s more than 350 million book copies were sold through years.

In his high-standing pop culture, he is described as the “King of Horror” for his touchy horror writings. Many of his books were transformed into television series, films, comic books, and mini-series.  

The Shawshank Redemption is the most successful movie based on his short story “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.” That movie is so far IMDB’s #1 movie in all-time movie history by audiences rating. Besides his few honorable mentions are the Shining, Carrie, IT, IT Chapter 2, Pet Sematary, The Dark Tower, Doctor Sleep, Misery, Stand By Me, etc.

He is the creator of a legendary character named Richard Bachman. Stephen King has published complete 63 novels with Richard Bachman’s fictional character. He didn’t stop there. Short stories are one of his favorite things. He wrote approximately 200 short stories in his career. Later the stories were published as a collection.

So, how many books has Stephen King written? The answer is he has written at least 79 books so far.

Stephen King Books Achievements

Stephen King has so many prestigious awards & achievements in his career. He has received the National Book Foundation Award Medal For his Distinguished Contribution To The American Letters in 2003. He also received the World Fantasy Awards, British Fantasy Society Awards, and Bram Stoker Awards.

Among his other achievements, King also received World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 2004 and Grand Master Award in 2007 for his contribution to literature for his bibliography. In 2015, the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts awarded him with the National Medal of Arts.

Top 34 Best Stephen King Audiobooks

So, what are the best Stephen king audiobooks? And how to get these best Stephen king audiobooks? Stephen King’s sixty and more novels and ten long series of short fiction reflect each other reflect the other – connecting with and illuminating the others. The Audio-Victorian of the King-verse is as vast and as tightly intertwined as the rest of his work populated.

You have options like Sissy Spacek reading Carrie and a Thinger actor doing Thinner. The constant reader would find it a magical yarn to unravel. There are so many Stefen King fans are online that are identified by “King Fan.”

Here are our top picks best Stephen King audiobooks. Here’s a list. Keep breathing. Remember breathing. We are not listing Stephen King’s books in order. Follow the below best list of Stephen King’s creations in audiobook format. We have added most of the best Stephen King audiobooks links with free access.

1. Stephen King In His Own Words

Stephen King is one of the most flourishing writers in the world and has a long list of successful novels, including

  • Carrie
  • Misery
  • The Shining and
  • Sleep Doctor.

Here, he talks about his life, writing career, and many successes in the series—an interview from the BBC Radio and television archives. The discussion is presented in chronological order. So, you will not realize until later that it is entirely possible based on your description of King’s high-ranking life in the 1980s.​​

Regarding any legal or illegal substance, it cannot be determined. If you are interested in the human King, not just in his works, then this series is for you.

This is one of my favorite best Stephen King audiobooks. This is one of the best free Stephen king audiobooks ever.

2. Gray Matter: And Other Stories From Night Shift

Readers can make a lot of guesses while listening to this book. Still, the author surprises him with his experience and always proposes a turning point to inject new vitality into the whole plot.

This short story is one of the best Stephen King audiobooks that you should listen to. This novel is no exception in this respect. It consists of six stories and tells the dark side that keeps us awake at night. The story includes: 

  1. The Woman in the Room
  2. I Know What You Need
  3. Strawberry Spring
  4. The Battleground
  5. The Boogeyman and
  6. Gray Matter

All of the above novels are uncommon and unique for their storytelling, tragedy, and horrifying factors, which Stephen King perceived as the real essence of the story.

3. Graveyard Shift: And Other Stories From Night Shift

Night Shift was published in the early part of Stephen King’s career, a combination of short stories. Readers still keep the compilation in high regard.

Its renewed reputation may be connected to the multiple adjustments it produced in extension to King’s fame as a master of horror. Night Shift has been explained ad nauseam in the decades following its original publication.

Still, the analysis focuses on individual stories, overlooking the most remarkable element of the book: the overarching structure. This book is well worth the expert reading.

It collects some of King’s great earlier short stories, which are expertly read and well calculated to give us the creeps.



4. The Lawnmower Man: And Other Stories from Night Shift

The lawnmower story is simple, but in short, it is equally bizarre: Harold Parkett named a lawn care company that looks like the front line of a cult that loves to eat grass.

The cult eats grass scraps And uses their brains to operate the lawnmower. In this strange ritual, the lawnmower knocked him down with a lawnmower, nothing more. There is no explanation of who the boss is, why the lawnmower cult exists, or the consequences of the murder.

There are so many loopholes in it, you want to write them all down, but the story develops so fast, so strangely exciting and memorable, that it’s hard to refuse. It is an unusual horror storybook for you to enjoy your vacation at home or while driving.

It is also an extraordinary resource for teachers trying to help students understand the environment because King is a master in his field. If you are a short story lover then you shouldn’t lose the opportunity of getting his best Stephen King audiobooks for free.

5. Riding The Bullet

According to tradition, in Stephen King’s ghost story, bullet riding is the ultimate warning of the dangers of hitchhiking. The college student’s mother died in Maine Hospital.

When he visited her, the driver was not who he looked like. On the way, he was first picked up by a disgusting older man and then a terrifying person: a dead young man. He gave him a terrible choice.

It’s like a classic nightmare: the cemetery under the moonlight, the howling wind, the rising mist. But Kim gave them a modern look. The deceased drove a wild horse while the corpse was smoking a cigarette.

Soon, the journey turned into a desolate landscape that Stephen King could only paint.

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6. Lisey’s Story

This intimate book begins an epic inner journey without touching any specific physical basis. The language used by Stephen King in Lizzie’s story is so naive, almost bordering pathology.

Lizzie’s story goes beyond everyday language, exploring ideas about love, death, and madness, and conveying them with the power of emotion. 

Mr. King’s sincere and wise literary philosophy, or the first part of Dream Catcher, depicts a physical disaster, much like what he experienced after playing a role in Lizzie’s story in 1999.

Death took another step, killing the star writer Scott Langdon.

As the great man’s wife, Lisa’s public role is the best reflect in Scott’s photo, which only shows half of Liz’s ass from the side. It is considered another masterpiece of the best Stephen King audiobooks for free.

7. A Face In The Crowd

A Face in the Crowd is a beautiful story about pain, loneliness, and revenge. The old widower Dean Evers sits in front of the TV and plays baseball in his free night.

The baseball team he adopted is from Florida. Suddenly, in a chair a few rows away from the dough, Evers saw the face of a person he had known in the past few decades.

This person should not participate in a ball game or even a ball game. So began the parade of people in Evers’s past, and the people he had hurt, they all took place behind the record.

Until one day, he saw another person closer to home….

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8. Building Bridges: Stephen King’s Speech Live At The National Book Awards

The winner of the 2003 American Literature Outstanding Contribution Award was Stephen King. He accepted the award gracefully and witty. Then his welcome speech was full of love for his wife Tabitha and passionate appreciation for her skills.

He was bridging the gap between literary writers and famous writers and being loyal to their works and themselves in the coming years.

He ended his speech with greetings to all the nominees and expressed his sincere hope, “You will find something that makes you feel fulfilled, just as it made me feel fulfilled tonight. 

The greatness of this book is that 100% of the profits of Building Bridges publishers and authors are donated to the National Book Fund.

If you listen to his free best Stephen King audiobooks then you’ll get an idea about his deeper personality.

9. The Wavedancer Benefit

On February 2, 2002, Peter Straub, John Grisham, Pat Conroy, and Stephen King were gathered at the New York City Hall for a remarkable evening.

The four best-selling authors approached the microphone to raise funds for one of the most famous voices in audiobooks.

Frank Muller was severely wounded in a motorcycle accident. Mueller has written hundreds of novels, including many such writers, and may never work again. 

It is a charity event, not a book. Four authors hosted it, and they are reading a short excerpt from one of their books.

The famous scholar Frank Mueller was unable to complete his work due to a motorcycle accident. Help him and other injured artists.


10. Road Rage

This time, for Inspector Wexford, the case is more personal. This time his wife, Dora, was taken hostage, and he was worried about her life.

In Road Rage, the distinguished inspector took a closer look at environmental issues because the construction of new roads would destroy the harmonious environment of Kingsmarkham.

It happened that Dora was so opposed to architecture that she was kidnapped.

If this happens, Wexford should untie all knots and stay as professional as possible.

The kidnappers threatened that if the hostage’s demands were not met, they would kill the hostage.

Wexford and his loyal assistant Mike Burden were put to the test in this thriller.

11. Mile 81: A Stephen King eBook Original Short Story Featuring An Excerpt From His Bestselling Novel 11.22.63

Mile 81 is an audiobook version of Stephen King’s original short story, containing excerpts from his novel of November 22, 1963.

There is a rest stop at Milestone 81 in Maine. It is a place where high school students drink alcohol and get into trouble often encountered by them. Play in the gravel pit of “Paratroopers on the Shore.” 

With only the magnifying glass he got on his 10th birthday, Pete found a bottle of discarded vodka and a drink enough to pass out in the hamburger hut.

It didn’t rain in New England for more than a week.) Turn to the 81st-mile recreation area, ignoring the closed no-service sign.

The driver’s door opened, but no one came out…

You can get deeper suspense if you get the best Stephen King audiobooks for free from the below link.

12. In The Tall Grass

Joe Hill and Stephen King have written a creepy short story named In The Tall Grass on August 1, 2012.

The book began with a pair of sisters and brothers, and when they heard the children in the tall grass calling for help, they stopped by the roadside.

Within a few minutes, you will be as disoriented as possible and lose one other. The boy’s screams became more and more desperate.

What follows is a horrible, charming, and intelligent story that only Stephen King and Joe Hill can possess.

These horrible experiences might feel better if you get the best Stephen King audiobooks for free from our below link.



13. Drunken Fireworks

On July 4th, after the competition between Alden McCosland and his mother and wealthy neighbors across the lake got out of control, he went to Castle County Jail.

The story is tedious and tricky, but it is interesting to talk to Sample about what happened on Independence Day and what caused it to happen. 

Unlike King’s usual style, this semi-friendly confrontation did not turn into bloody chaos.

You deal with it as simply as possible, and there is no gain if you don’t give up the ending; it will be a bit improper.

And if you have already done it, then you’ll find the situation is excellent. The situation might give you unique suspense if you get the best Stephen King audiobooks for free from the below link.

14. Doctor Sleep

King is back in his beloved territory in the pages of The Shining, one of his most famous novels.

The novel is about Dan Torrance at this time and an exceptional twelve-year-old girl he must protect from a tribe of evil spirits.

Dan has driven desperate to shed the despair, alcoholism, and violent legacy that left his father there for the past decades.

Dan meets the glittering Abra Stone that it is their spectacular gift, the most bright shining – all imaginable.

It enthralls Dan and summons him to a battle between Abra and. Doctor Sleep wins a Bram Stoker Book Award


15. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauties was a collaboration by King and his son Owen. They have localized in a small Appalachian suburb whose primary source of workers is a jail.

Despite King having written more brutal books than ever, the book feels particularly feminist and often demands a particular view.

The work is filled with masterful wordplay and may still be enjoyed by many readers.

All the men in a suddenly all-male world turn to violence, leaving the men alone in the primal urges.

The men divide into battlefronts, some trying to kill Eve. Others use chaos to carry out revenge.


16. 11/22/63

Stephen King’s masterpiece is a historical thriller and time travel writer. He travels readers into another moment when it all goes wrong: the assassinated JFK.

So Farley introduces readers to a powerful character whom he intends to change history.

It is the most favorite Stephen King novel of this era. Its Also developed into a mini-series starring James Franco that will be released to television with Franco-starring James Franco. There’s a man who travels home. It’s time to stop assassinations.

Stephen King’s alternate worlds for sci-fi is a masterclass in socio-politics. 11/22/23 is a perfectly blended reality and dreamy timeline, something that would gush about a King fan.

The first-person reading is nostalgic and exceptional. The author has an intimate knowledge of life during the late 50s.

17. Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is an emotionally charged and sometimes touching morality story. It’s a rather merit-worthy sequel to Kings’ Man. Mercedes. If the former Detective Bill Hodges were in King’s previous encounter, he would do it again.

The novel commences with The tragic story of John Rothstein, an iconic author who made a known character known as Jimmy Gold and never published a novel.

Morris Bellamy is upset because Rothstein finished giving books and because Jimmy Gold was selling books for their profession in the advertisement.

Morris kills Rothstein and drains his safes. The actual treasure is a cache of notebooks.

Get this one of the best amazing free Stephen king audiobooks now.


18. The Outsider

The Outsider by Stephen King isn’t the most elegant book by King.

Still, the introduction is brilliant, and there’s more than enough momentum that pushes most readers past.

The magnificent Mr. Mercedes Series fans will remember Holly of the Finder’s Keepers Investigative Service as the socially awkward, morally acceptable, and intelligent sidekick of Detective Bill Hodges.

As Holly knows all too well, paranormal activities are honest, so she must help them open their minds.

It isn’t part of the main story from the original trilogy, so I don’t have to rely on one more lousy story. But there are already lots left of his Magic.



19. Revival

Jamie Morton is the son of Charles Jacobs, a charismatic religious leader who denounces God and ridicules all religious beliefs.

Jamie possesses some demons. Jamie’s addicted to heroin, stranded.

Jamie explains that the word “renaissance” can have many meanings.

Jamie and the Reverend share a bond due to his obsessions with his mother and beloved daughter Claire.

A pact exists between Jamie and the devil’s plan, and Jamie discovers that the word “resurge-” has many different uses.



20. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower consists of eight novels written under the Stephen King brand name by Stephen King in genre fusion.

Gun-slinger, the first audiobook, is about a mystical journey through the darkness of Roland Gilead’s abode.

Stephen king gunslinger character made many readers obsessed with the character.

The strangeness circling Roland has a heartfelt and compelling secret.

The late Frank Muller, apprehended for his appearance in The Green Mile, returns to swallow two books of The Waste Lands and Wizardandglass. 

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21. The Institute

The Institute isn’t in the same way as its follow-up as Doctor Sleep.

Thematically speaking, she’s a close cousin.

In its more demon-laden institution, Mrs. Sigsby and her staff work tirelessly to extract her magical extranormal talents from these children.

No contempt of principle. If you want to be at the vending machine, you will receive tokens.

The punishment in these cases is harsh.

Every time someone disappears onto Back Half, Luke is more desperate to get out and help.

Brave readers won’t be disappointed. Smart people won’t find a lot of disappointment.

22. Later

Stephen King almost invented the genre of mystery about kids’ perception of dead bodies. Jamie Conklin is the son of one literary agent.

He can recognize or interact with dead people at his funeral in the hours.

He is suddenly valuable when Jamie’s mother suffers financial collapses.

Jamie’s only child of a single mother lives beautifully described with discomfort and unexplainable tenderness of his past.

Later is simply one of King’s most satisfying novels of the earlier 20 years of the book.

Jamie and both adults conspire to create the unfinished novel and take money.

23. End Of The Watch

Stephen King concludes the eerie trilogy of Hodges.

End of Watch combines detective fiction from Mr. Mercedes, and Finders keepers with heart-pounding supernatural suspense King is known for creating.

It provides an unusual look at human vulnerability and chilling suspense. King is better.

The death of his friends and the lives of Hodges and their heroic young friends Jerome Robinson and his teen sister Barbara will put lives at risk.

The book ends with the Mercedes Massacre, where eight people died, and many are severely injured.

That is the final chapter.


24. If It Bleeds

Stephen King’s recent book If It Bleeds has the role of Holly Gibney, who stole some of King’s best scenes.

The High Water was the book’s first story in the collection of Mr. Harrigan’s phone.

This story describes the lifelong relationship between Boy and King living in his favorite fictional Maine town. King makes the story shocking by using nothing more than typical experiences for such an occasion.

Well, I recommend the book of Stephen King, who wrote the outsider and Mercedes at the end of the 1980s and later was the author of The Dark Side.



25. The Stand

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic Stephen King novel narrated by Grover Gardner.

Gardner has a vocal narrator’s voice that carries individual characters beautifully.

Throughout The Stand, he captures King’s frightening and macabre humor.

A lethal human-made virus threatens human civilization.

There are only two camps in existence; another from the virtuous family Abigael and Randall Flaggonce.

After they’ve found each other, they’ll go into war. Listen to audiobooks at home or on public transportation.


26. Joyland (Hard Case Crime)

Joyland is filled with characters that the reader should root for, too, as all King’s books do.

Fans of King’s earlier writings for many ‘paranormal’ flavored works might be disappointed. It is a long-running love story with no cliffhanger.

It’s still a fantastic audiobook. It reveals the summer story of students Devin Jones get into the university as a carny and faces the memory of a violent murder’s fate. The book took place in a small town.

The crime novel is a 1973 setting in a North Carolina entertainment park.

In stunning performances, Michael Kelly breathes life into intricate scenes rich in plot and characters and the story in particular.

Devin Jones is troubled with the death story which occurred at the time. Inside it is the fate or the death of children or their life risk. Joyland became one of the best favorite stephen king books after the publish.

27. Pet Sematary

Professor Charles Creed has lost his family’s beloved pet cat to a road accident.

He lays her body at the eerie cemetery on the ground. The buried soils have frightful capabilities, which began a disturbing course that haunts the Creeds exceeding capacity.

It’s easy to see why he’s taken a stab for putting an unbelievable family tragedy against the temptation of a threatening chance.





28. Bazaar Of Bad Dreams

The master of scary is back with these short stories to his essence era.

He introduces each of his passages to their origin, and he introduces himself to the motivation behind them.

The Dune is a story of a judge who has, as a boy has been able to sail to deserted islands and s00n-to-be-departed.

In an obituary’s arc, there’s a columnist who kills people when reading their obituaries. King: they were made especially for you.

You can look for them, please and be cautious. “Best teeth.”



29. Duma Key

We always find the depth of characterizations is superbly detailed in King’s audiobooks. Unlike his other top work in this period (Finders Keepers, 11/22/63, etc.) spend a lot of time working on his secondary characters.

It stalls the pace and plot. Duma Key remains an excellent present for true King Fans. Plus, John Slattery’s audiobook narration is superb! The narrative is unpredictable and stimulating, and the narration is excellent. 

It’s probably one of the best performances by Duma Key of Mad Men. After he lost his right arm to a horrifying construction accident and subsequently to his marriage, Edgar Freemantle moves from Minnesota to Florida for a new move.

He finds himself painting to prevent depression from arising after traumatic trauma. Now that everything has been reconnected and their collective history has been reawakened, they unite against evil.

Another critical piece of the novel is how intimidating the life we bring with memory and the power we grant to the past. The audiobook has been rated by Amazon as worth $1,800.

30. Mr. Mercedes

A stolen Mercedes plows across the crowd.

One man is running over innocence, backing up and charging again.

Eight people were killed. Fifteen wounded. Bill Hodges is haunted by a crime that is still going unheard of in another region.

In one case, Hodges receives a letter from someone who self-identifies as the perk and threatens even a more significant terrorist attack.

Mercedes won the Edgar award for the bestseller. That beat the bestseller award.



31. Gwendy’s Button Box

There are three ways from Castle Rock to Castle View: routes 117 Pleasant Road and Suicide Stairs.

For the summer of 1974, every day, Gwendy Peterson takes the stairs.

This climb is held by strong (although time-rusted) iron blocks and zigzags.

One day someone calls her: ‘Hey girl, come over here and get some time and we’d be happy for you and me?’

Then the story turns into a new direction.




32. Under The Dome

An invisible force field surrounds the Maine town. No one understands what that barrier is.

Dale Barbara is an Iraq veteran and a quick cooker, with a couple of brave citizens in their corner.

Huge Jim Rennie political activist who will stop anything, even murder.

By holding power, he and his son a hideous secret in a dark pantry.

The principal rival is the Dome itself because time is not short.



33. Carrie

Carrie by Stephen King is Stephen King’s first published novel. Sissy Spacek makes such deep scenes between Carrietta and her religious mother. You won’t regret this audiobook version.

Carrie is one of the most favorite Stephen King books.







Last Words

Finally, we have reached our own ends. We don’t think most of the people reach this section because they might find their desired one get jumped into it. If you think we did a great job then feel free to let us know. 

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