Can’t Get Motivated To Do Anything? Best 12 Solutions

People sometimes can’t get motivated to do anything. Motivational speech drive peoples to find out new ideas and explore new things & learn himself. In contrast, others look into successful individuals about them and get self-motivated to find challenging. However, this isn’t true for all students. Several will need immense inspiration and motivation from parents and well-wishers to concentrate and work hard.

A favorite area for people is Stories. It always invokes their interest and love. It’s a great way to gather peoples’ attention on a particular topic. Motivational speakers usually use this as a mechanism to motivate & inspire peoples in many criteria. Today we will go through the top 12 motivational speech type stories which can motivate you to do anything differently so you can get rid of can’t get motivated to do anything.

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Best Solutions for Motivation Problem

To help peoples work hard and put their foundation for a successful life, we can look at the top 12 motivational speech type stories for the persons who can’t get motivated to do anything. These are 12 solutions by motivational speech type stories that direct peoples to work hard on several facets of life and thrive so the person can be free from can’t get motivated to do anything.

12 Best Motivation Problem’s Solution

Success is not something we come up with within a day. Success has inextricably linked to your daily decisions, tasks, and interactions, no matter how big or small. Success is success achieved after wars and perseverance. Here are the 3 identical solutions for whom can’t get motivated to do anything:

1. Value Yourself to Get Motivated

A speaker started his seminar by demonstrating a $20 to the general public. No wonder they all raised their hands. He said he would give some money but insisted he would do something about it.

Value Yourself to Get Motivated

He crumpled the paper cash and showed it to the audience and repeated the question. Nevertheless, everyone raised palms. Then he put the money into the floor, footed on it, and then lifted it again and showed it to the broad crowd.

The people gathered there nevertheless showed interest in taking that cash despite seeing how filthy the note was. He advised the public,” Regardless of what I did to this cash, you still wanted this.

You all went in favor of my deal simply because this money’s value never diminished regardless of everything I did for this. Likewise, value yourself despite the debilitating conditions or failures.”

Moral: Value yourself no matter the failures or barriers, and do not degrade yourself due to the temporary setbacks.

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2. Let Go of your Stresses to Get Motivated

However, the scientist responded that the glass’s actual weight doesn’t necessarily matter. The matter us how long you hold the mirror. You may feel a little heavier if you hold for 10 minutes, which will be harder for you.

Let Go of your Stresses to Get Motivated

If you hold it all day, then your hands will be numb and in pain. It’s similar when you’re stressed. If you look at it for a moment and leave it, then there is no problem, but if you think about it for hours, it becomes a problem, and then it gets worse when you sleep with this.

Moral: You need to learn how to give up your stresses rather than sleep with this. If you’re thinking of doing something and capable of doing it, then do it. In another case, leave it and work towards your targets, or it only kills your productivity.

3. Start Thinking Out of the Box to Get Inspired

There was a time; a trader called Sam owed a considerable amount of money to a moneylender named Tom. The time came when the trader failed from the last opportunity given to him to give back the money.

Start Thinking Out of the Box to Get Inspired

Tom asked the retailer to give all of the money back, failing to marry his lovely daughter.

Tom was not in any way good looking and sick-minded, and hence the retailer was in a dilemma. Tom suggested a new condition. There was a mixture of white and black stripes on the floor where they had been standing. He will carry two stones in both hands; each one will be black, the other white.

Tom will write off all of the debt and leave the marriage proposal if the daughter accurately picks the white rock. However, if she chooses the black stone, he’ll write off the debt but marry the girl.

Tom turned down to pick the stones from the ground. The girl saw he pick black stones on both palms. The woman had three options – 

To inform her father, which might provoke Tom, take the black stone, sacrifice her own life, or refuse to accept the rock, which may land her father into trouble.

She took the stone out of his hands and accidentally’ the stone dropped off her hands to the ground. Then she asked Tom to specify which color rock was left in his hands to identify the color she picked. Tom had no other option but to reveal the black color stone in his hands and place them free.

Moral: Occasionally, life offers you scenarios that require hard work and perseverance and some creative thinking that saves the circumstance.

3 Analytical Solution:

3 analytical solution can’t get motivated to do anything problem is a very good resource of knowledge. Motivation Analysis is a measure that measures the psychological, enduring behaviors of the audience. This analysis typically aims to identify dynamic actions or meaningful interactions on social media and other digital platforms.

4. Try Analyzing Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand

The professor joined the hall room with sand, stones, and a glass of the jar. The peoples were engaged to find out what he would present. First, he began filling the stone parts into the pot before he could not add any further.

Try Analyzing Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand

“Is the jar was full?” He asked the students, and everyone says yes. Then he started placing the stones in the pot that went inside through the little openings, and he vibrates the jar to permit the rocks to get into these empty spaces between the stones.

He asked the students the same question, who said the pot was full. Eventually, he poured the sand within the pit that went through the minute openings and got filled from the jar.

The rock is similar to your beloved ones, while the stones are similar to your career. Simultaneously, the sand is similar to the smallest priorities in life and unnecessary conflicts and egos.

If you fill the jar with sand, it will become filled up quickly, leaving no room for pebbles and stones.

Moral: Prioritize your priorities are the first thing in life. Always try to develop an excellent work strategy towards fulfilling it instead of wasting your time and effort on unnecessary life facets.

5. The Elephant Rope Story

A man was hiking in a jungle near a group of elephants, halted by a short rope tied to their front legs. He was amazed by how the massive elephants aren’t even making an effort to break the string and set themselves free.

The Elephant Rope Story

The coach said, “if they are relatively much smaller young, to tie them, we operate the same rope size and, at that age, it is enough to hold them.

As they develop, they have a condition to believe they can’t breakaway. So one can feel the rope can still hold tightly, so the person can try to break loose.”

Moral: It is the wrong belief of the elephants for a lifetime for ignoring liberty. Similarly, many persons among us aren’t trying to work towards success just for they failed once before. So do not get hooked up with some wrong views of failure and keep on trying.

6. Hear the Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) Story

Now we will look into a real-life story that is very motivating. Colonel Harland Sanders had been frustrated umpteen times in his lifetime. But late in his life, he made his dream come true.

Hear the Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) Story

He’s the seventh grade dropped out who tried several ventures in existence but tasted bitter every time. He began selling chicken, but his dream of a restaurant has been turned down several times because of wars and conflicts.

Later he tried to franchise his restaurant. Before the last approval, his recipe it got rejected 1,009 times.

Moral: Have you ceased your efforts to a venture simply because you become a decline or neglected a few times? Do you even imagine 1009 times of failure? This story inspires all to believe in yourself and try hard to catch success despite how many moments you have failed.

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Visionary Outlooks to Get Motivated:

Most of us would not isolate ourselves as a “visionary” for one simple reason. We think visionaries are heroes; they can see the future and predict they’re incredible accuracy. Ideas with ideas have several habits and skills that help them anticipate future styles and becoming successful. Here are the below 2 visionary outlooks of can’t get motivated to do anything method:

7. Read the Story of The Bait of Shark

In a research experiment, a shark has been caged by a marine biologist. After that, he introduced the shark by some tiny bait fishes into it. The shark attacked those fishes and ate them as expected. Afterward, transparent fiberglass has been placed into the tank that divides the tank to two, and the shark stayed on one side.

Read the Story of The Bait of Shark

A similar pair of baitfish have been delivered to the other side of the tank just like before. The shark tried to attack the fish but ignored it by hitting the fiberglass.

The shark attempted for many days before it gave up. Later, the biologist released the glass in the tank, but the shark did not try to strike the little fishes.

The shark continuously continues to observe a false obstruction in the tank and stopped his efforts.

Moral: For many people, it is relatively common to give up after several setbacks and defeats. The narrative is an illustration to keep always trying and never give up despite several shortcomings.

8. The Group of Frogs Story

Once upon a time, two frog friends were playing at the edge of a pit. They accidentally fell into the hole. The frogs think about how safe was an upside. They are trying to understand just how deep the pit is, and there’s no hope and no way of escape it.

The Group of Frogs Story

Both horns began to try to escape from the pit but failed miserably. The frogs shouted from the safe side towards them to stop the pain of testing as it would not have happened.

Eventually, one frog heard that the other frogs decided to quit trying and dropped down to death. Nevertheless, another frog managed to get to the top after hard trying.

Then the other frogs asked him, “Did you hear us?” He presented that he was deaf and thought other frogs were motivating him to get out.

Moral: without pain, there’s entirely no gain. So aim high to be successful in life regardless of what life offers you.

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Progressive solutions for your motivation problem:

The process of improving or enhancing something at some point is progressive. Progress goes a long way toward achieving the end or making things better or better. An example of progress is getting closer to where you are going. An example of progress is the transition from home phones to cell phones. Progress means more than just economic growth, which is a more useful and more extended quality of life for most of the population. Here are the 2 progressive solutions of can’t get motivated to do anything.

9. Struggles & Develop Strength to Get Motivated

One day a man saw a butterfly cocoon going to get open was passing by a garden.vHe watched that many hours of battles the butterfly came through to get the figure from a small opening.

Struggles & Develop Strength to Get Motivated

After a while, it seemed that the butterfly quit trying because there was no improvement.vAlas, the butterfly could not fly and wasted the rest of life crawling on its injured body.

Moral: This is a natural way of telling the number of conflicts in life. Sometimes, different types of struggles are needed in life to make you stronger in the future. Never feel ashamed in life and stop trying when life gives you battles but keep fighting until you see success.

10. Try Seeing Opportunity in Obstacles to Get Inspired

There was a time; a wise king was ruling the nation. He was a curious person, but he was a wealthy person. Right at the center of the street, he placed a massive boulder and hid in a nearby place to decide if anyone would construct a struggle to move off it.

Try Seeing Opportunity in Obstacles to Get Inspired

He saw several wealthy merchants and courtiers passing by the street. No one made any step to move off it but only walked away while others blamed the king for not keeping the lanes.

Later, a peasant came the way with a pack of vegetables and saw the boulder. He maintained his bag down and attempted to move the boulder away. He also saw a purse lying in the area of the boulder.

The boulder contained so many coins of gold. The peasant also discovers a scroll. The king wrote whoever moves the boulder off; it is the reward for it.

Moral: it is relatively common that people run away from issues and barriers. However, the narrative clearly shows the value of seeing a chance in every obstacle which might improve our situation. Invest some time to eliminate the obstacles in your way and encounter any hidden presences.

Courageous solutions to get inspired:

Expect difficult situations to give yourself time to sort out – if you feel the urge, ask to meet next time, at some point. Don’t take things for granted. Problems Do Not Last, But Life Is Eternal, Deal With Problems With Confidence Enjoy Life. Because anxiety caused by problems, many people when they experiencing severe pain they will try to ignore, avoid, or delay in their lives. Unfortunately, bypassing your troubles usually forces them to arrive back. A minor issue can become, over time, a significant problem. Follow the 2 courageous solutions of can’t get motivated to do anything:

11. Try Shake Off Problems for your Demotivation

The guy was shaken and strove hard to pull off his favorite donkey around the floor. He decided to create his passing smoother by burying him alive. So he began filling the soil over the donkey from the pit. When he handled the dirt, the donkey supposed that the load and shakes it off, and he steps on it.

Try Shake Off Problems for your Demotivation

When the dirt hit his body, he did the same thing each time. He reached a low point and moved to a green pasture later.

Moral: Do not decide to stay with your problem. Move your challenges and stand up for yourself after learning from them. All bad experiences are brand new learning. So get the best out of it and work on your goals.

12. Sharpen Your ‘Axe’ to Get Motivated

There was a recently combined woodcutter, and the king was impressed with his devotion to his work. Encouraged, he began to work hard at cutting down trees and working on 18 trees in his first month, much to the king’s delight.

Sharpen Your ‘Axe’ to Get Motivated

The following month he put in precisely the identical hard work but could cut just 15 trees. And the next month, he tried his best but could only cut down 12 trees. The king visited him the following month and talked about the decline in production.

He explained he might get too old to do the job or have lost his power. To the surprise, he’s not even done it in the previous three months. That was the sole reason why he could not cut more trees.

Moral: it’s great that you give your best and do hard work to work towards your targets. However, you need to balance your life priorities and spend time with your loved ones and save time from unwinding, which would boost your productivity.

Last words:

Can’t get motivated to do anything? Let’s try to focus on your problem and concentrate. Focusing means continuing the work that is going on. Keep up the work you need to do and make sure you are always focused on one task. If you can help eliminate distractions. Even if you can’t stop it all, you can reduce or eliminate as much focus as possible.

Focusing can support you to accomplish better in a shorter period. Although it may seem very simple, it is not always easy to use. Let us know if your idea of ​​taking a break from work appears on Facebook or Instagram every five minutes. After that, you may want to process apps that block social media. To confuse your brain, energy levels, and emotions, make sure you do not forget or skip food.

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